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College Street Kids

Alternative Hip Hop Since 2015

College Street Kids is a label founded and fueled by an extremely select group of musicians: Tony Montana aka "Montana's Planet", Grant "GHuff" Huffman, and DJ Remo aka "Remobeatz". The artists of the original group met in high school when they were all sent to the Grand River Academy, a reformatory school for young men. In 2015, the now graduates, recognizing each other’s potential and drive, formed a group. Drawing inspiration from their alma mater and temporary home, the three christened their group “College Street Kids”, after the street on which their boarding school was located. Since then, they have released an 11 song mixtape titled "The Academy" which is available for listening and download via soundcloud and datpiff, and added a new member to the group, Jeff Shai (also a Grand River alumnus). They have also released a number of singles during the production of their debut album, which is expected to be released in 2019.

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