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Tony Montana's latest single, On The Daily

Check out Tony Montana's first official music video "I Hate School"

Montana's Planet

A Seattle resident with Cuban heritage, Tony is responsible for much of College Street Kids’ vocals and post-production. His serious interest in music began at 10, when he taught himself how to play the guitar. At age 19 he discovered his natural proclivity for lyricism and love of hip­-hop. Now, at 23, he has proven himself to be a world class lyricist, vocalist, and producer.

In 2010, when he was 15, Tony was enrolled in a boarding school on College Street in Austinburg, Ohio. There, he met Grant and Remo, both of whom shared in his passion.

Tony has a degree in psychology from Allegheny College, where he studied the behavior of drug use and studio art. A gallery of his work will be available soon.

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